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Health & Wellness Blog #7: It Starts with ONE!

When we look at the large scope of the world and everything going on around us, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed.  There are so many people we’d like to help, things we’d like to change and injustices we’d like to correct.  We become so consumed by the enormity of the world’s and our communities’ circumstances that we shut down, are paralyzed to act and end up doing nothing to help.  So, what can we do when we feel like this?

My answer would be, “It starts with ONE.  If you don’t reach out in love to ONE, you’ll ultimately end up helping NO ONE.” While this one small step might seem insignificant, it ends up having an exponential impact on the world!  Pouring into one person and changing their life, will move them to do the same with others, and this movement and growth will continue on from that point.

You are the spinner of an intricate web that will spread and branch out, surrounding our planet in love and bringing true change.  Making the decision to “Start with One”, is the first step in spinning a web that WILL IMPROVE the world for the better and bring hope for   tomorrow.  Reread that last sentence and notice it “Starts with One” and doesn’t “Stop with One”.  Every day, continue spinning new webs of change.

“Who is your ONE and will you take a small step today to bring exponential change to the world tomorrow?” 



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