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Health & Wellness Blog #5: Become a Champion Today!

If you are a sports fan, we can all relate to the start of a new season for our favorite team (even if you don’t follow sports…stick with me).  At the beginning of a new season your team has a fresh start, a new beginning and a blank slate.  No matter what happened last season, good or bad, this could be the year your team goes all the way and wins the grand prize; A Championship!

What brings that optimism for you and your team is having a short memory and letting go of the past season.  Optimism turns to enthusiasm for our team as we show our fandom by watching the games, cheering, wearing team jerseys and following the news for updates on our team and its players. Who is injured and who is healthy?  Did we acquire any promising players in free agency or at the trade deadline?

Imagine now if you had the same vigor and enthusiasm for your life as you have for your favorite team.  If you cheered and rooted for YOU and trained appropriately for your success what could, and would your life possibly look like?  Along the way you would experience some thrilling victories, some heartbreaking defeats and other times have a .500 middle of the road experience.  The most important step we can take is to decide to step on the field and play the game…of LIFE!

Imagine seeing every day we wake up as “OUR” start to the new season, leaving behind the past wins and losses and entering the new day or season with an excitement and fresh optimism.  Start today, because this is your preseason where you write out your goals (health/fitness, career, finances, relationships, passions) and train appropriately for tomorrow.  This is the season you just could win it all and become a champion! 



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