HEALTH & WELLNESS BLOG #1: INTRO & "TRY KINDNESS" - Princeton Club New Berlin


Princeton Club is excited to launch our new Health and Wellness Initiative, which includes this weekly blog.  A complete picture of health and wellness goes beyond the physical; also including the crucial components of mental, emotional and spiritual health.  This can be best described with an analogy of a table.  Your picture of health and wellness being a tabletop supported by 4 legs: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  If one of those 4 legs is not given the attention and support it needs to flourish, the tabletop becomes shaky and tilted, resulting in an overall wellness that is not ideal.  I have heard so many Princeton Club members, friends and family say, “If I just start working out more, get in better shape and lose weight, then I’ll be happy.”  You can probably guess what the typical outcome is with this train of thought.  I improved the physical health of my body, but I thought I would be happier… that I would think and feel differently about my life and situation.  Princeton Club’s Health and Wellness Initiative helps connect members, staff and the community with resources to grow and improve your overall wellness. This includes blogs, workshops, programming, small groups and one-on-one programming.

In our blog for this week, we explore the wonder of kindness.  I still remember volunteering in my son’s kindergarten classroom years ago and, as the children went to lunch, the teacher would tell each individual student on their way out, “Be kind to each other”.  Such a simple phrase, yet so unbelievably powerful. Whether we are two or 92 years old, we can all make the conscious decision to send more kindness out into the world, as we never can truly know what another person is going through, is feeling in the moment or has experienced in life. A kind word, a kind look or a kind action can have a critical impact on the person we are interacting with and, ultimately, an exponential beneficial effect on others going forward.  This week and going forward, I encourage you to “Try Kindness” and see how both you and your relationships grow and change for the better.



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